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Darren Grayson Hairstylists is in its thirty fifth year and Managed by Senior sylist Emma Gillett with the oversite of Bromley Phillips Accounting. Darren is the Artistic Director and Master Cutter of the salon. We are located at 356 Pakington Street Newtown. Plhone number: 03 5221 7199. The salon operates Tuesday through to Saturday. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages under Darren Grayson Hairstylists.

2020, Darren Grayson, an award-winning hairdresser, specialises in ladies' hair shaping, men's cutting and barbering, and hair colouring, whether simple, corrective or creative. His team also excels in bridal and formal hairstyles. Whatever you are seeking, Darren Grayson creative team can provide it for you. Having a vision is the essence of creativity. Trust is the key!

Beauty and style have no age, therefore now is the time to express your evolving individuality with confidence. Our highly-trained stylists will enhance the originality of your personal 'look'.

We always strive to maintain the best quality of service and products. It is our ability to listen to you, our clients, your ideas and requests, that ensures that you leave the salon feeling happy about your hair.

Great hair is all in the cut, especially for mid-length styles that are really 'the go' for 2020 hair. Waves are all the go for beautiful hair. There are so many ways to achieve this.

It's easy to ask clients what they want. Curl is back in a huge way with a softer, more rolled type finish. Alternatively, we have the ironed movement developing from the previous high-shine, ultra smooth iron. Amazingly cut straight hair will always be in fashion. Innovative suggestions are always available for those who wish to update their style. there is a resergence in quirky asymetrical shapes with texture. Sutible for all ages.

Darren and his team pride themselves on providing personal attention to each of the salon`s clients.

It's all about beautiful hair! Easy to manage, and sutible for your lifestyle.... Darren Grayson Hairstylists 2020, check out us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Pintrest.