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DARREN GRAYSON DESIGNERS has been the avenue of expression of Darren's high standards in design for 36 years. Having won the The Australian Hairdresser of the Year at the young age of 17, and twice since, Darren gradually realised that he could translate his passion for the creative life into numerous other areas such as Residential Design, Interior Design, Sculpture, Painting and Event Management. His first love, however, remained the salon, a unifying force for this medley of colourful activities.

Darren opened his Geelong hairdressing salon on September 3rd, 1985 at the age of 21. In 2000 he won his first Geelong Business Excellence Award, and in total he has collected over 280 regional, state and national awards in the hairdressing industry. His extensive experience has led to his longstanding participation on judging panels at State and National levels, including as Chairperson of Judges.

Through his enthusiasm, skills and eye for detail, Darren seeks to inspire and excite his clients, whether in the salon, designing a home or organising a major event, as they seek to enhance their individual life styles.

While Darren works with two colleagues in his residential design business, established in 1990, he is responsible for the concept and project management of construction. Because of his sensitivity to shape, balance and form, he is able to offer an extended brief that includes Landscaping, Lighting and Furnishings. The decor may include Darren's paintings and sculptures, which readily harmonise with the overall design. He was justifiably proud when one such project was the subject of a 12-page cover story in an international magazine.

In the area of event management, creating a temporary ambient environment to excite the senses as the event dynamically unfolds, and to ensure the client's special occasion meets and exceeds expectations, is a deeply satisfying experience for both client and manager.

Perhaps the key to Darren's success is his ability to inspire and direct his clients' vision as he guides them though the evolution of the project. Darren enjoys taking on projects that incorporate all aspects of design to create a complete picture, whether it's a personal image, a beautiful home, an unforgettable event or a piece of striking art. He believes that when you employ a professional to create your 'look', the best results are achieved when the designer and the client understand, respect and trust one another.

Home Design, Event Design, Interior Concepts, Painting and Sculpture and Personal Image are all linked by the common thread of 'aesthetic understanding'. The very diversity of the projects enhances the flow, connection and expression of Darren's ideas.

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