Remodeling and Home Design

Darren Grayson is a Geelong Home Designer featured in many national and international magazine spreads, including a global front cover of "Trends" magazine, which features a twelve page story on Darren's design of a 40 square home in Highton, Geelong. The houses are designed by Darren Grayson, with drafting and engineering specifications outsourced to affiliated companies.

Darren offers a complimentary interview in a home designed by his company to give you a clear, obligation-free understanding of his cost-effective, competitively priced and affordable design services.


You can visit it at https://trendsideas.com/go/14260


Designing homes is about understanding form, shape and balance, with an appreciation for the individual requirements of the homeowner.

Functionality, surroundings, potential expansion for family growth, downsizing and holidays are all important factors when creating a successful residential design.

Finding the right creative mind to bring a design to fruition is ultimately what a potential client searches for. With this in mind, it is imperative to understand the design philosophy and process of Darren Grayson Designers.

Darren is a holistic designer. In other words, Darren creates the floorplan and elevation, interior and exterior finishes, furniture for each room's function, a colour and soft furnishing palette, pool design and complementary landscaping, including plant choices, to enhance the total package.

When employing Darren Grayson Designers, there is only one designer, along with yourself, to ensure a perfectly harmonized result.

Clients often have different examples of home designs to which they are attracted, so one of the jobs of the designer is to marry various ideas so as to fulfil the realisation of their dream home.  Care must be taken when combining design features of several different homes to create a concept if all aspects of form, texture and colour are to be successfully wed.  It’s very easy to end up with a patchwork of great ideas that appeal to them, but that simply do not flow if an overall design has not been considered.

Darren tries to encourage clients to think beyond their preconceived ideas and preferences by offering examples of imaginative design.  Much of his own inspiration borders on ‘modern commercial’ with a ‘minimalist but plush’ interior.

Darren Grayson's residential designs are identifiable by their impressive form and finish with an individuality of which Darren`s clients are proud.

The option of a three dimensional model is available to ensure the client's requirements have been met before plans and specifications are drafted.

The dynamic and trusting relationship that develops between the various parties to the project creates an exciting and satisfying experience during construction and beyond.

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