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Panorama Grand.


This project was a package of love, hard work and true passion.

After meeting with the clients at my own home to design an interior, they began to question the house plans from their architect. I was employed to take on the project with my 'holistic' approach.

With a free hand from my clients, I constructed storyboards of concepts to suit a grand, modern abode. As you can see from the images, their home, with its elements of intimacy and art gallery aspects, is a stunning showpiece that could be compared with a boutique hotel.

Attention to detail included crockery, glassware and cutlery. This was the most intricate of any project I have ever worked on. Even if it is not your style, I believe anyone can see how things seemlessly come together. There isn`t anything that hasn`t been chosen for a reason.

I would like to congratulate Phillip from V.P Builders for his support in ensuring the desired standard of excellence was achieved.

In July 2015 the home sold for $2.1 million making it the highest price ever for a home sold in the area.

For enquiries regarding this project or any other home on this site, email Darren: [email protected]  .ATT HOME DESIGN.