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opened on September 3rd, 1985.

After an energetic and award-winning apprenticeship, Geelong hairdresser, Darren Grayson, designed and opened his hairdressing salon with a team of three staff members. The salon's success exceeded expectations, which led to the challenges of meeting rapidly growing demand, and extending and developing his staff.  The latter proved exciting and satisfying. Darren trained an ongoing stable of hairstylists who, in turn, won numerous prestigious awards in their own right.

It is a source of considerable pride that Darren became the first person from Geelong to be invited to judge the Victorian and Australian Hairdressing Awards.

Darren's idea to change the salon's name to a representation of his initials proved frustrating. While not wanting it to look or sound like the 'Beegees', it seemed impossible to avoid so he settled ambivalently for Deegees The Hairstylists. However, it worked.

Although continuing to serve his clientelle has always remained his highest priority, Darren found stimulation and fulfilment in exploring his other interests. Eventually, 45 Gheringhap Street became DG/SFI (Salon/Functions/Interiors) as an umbrella for his portfolio of creative activities. The exceptionally talented team led by Darren, coupled with the ever-evolving interior and decor of the premises, ensured that, whatever its name, the salon became iconic and synonymous with innovation.

Later, Darren, his mother and brother came to share the name Deegees but, to prevent confusion over the ownership of the various salons, he simplified the title of his salon to Darren Grayson.

On Janurary 13th, 2015 DARREN GRAYSON HAIRSTYLISTS, 356 Pakington Street, Newtown, Geelong was established.