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Dinner with Darren:




In this section of my site, I simply wish to share some of my dining experiences with you, my clients and browsers. Meeting the challenge of coming up with new ideas when entertaining can be exciting and rewarding. It`s exciting with the amount of programs inspiring us to step out of the box and try different foods.

When hosting many dinners, at home, I have a dining table seating twelve so I Love to bring people together.

I am partial to the plated presentation and have varied from elegant 'minimalist' to the exhuberant feast, with the emphasis on dynamic drinks and dramatic visuals. With strong flavours, smaller portions stimulate the palate while simple flavours demand more generous servings.Wanting more...Hopefully!

Crockery, glassware and cultery is a collectors item in my home, I love presenting my three course dinners on different vessels. I have a white glass top iluminated table that is on a dimmer. This is a real atmosphere maker.

One special dinner I had made twelve , 10mm thick, 30cm pieces of polished glass to present mains on. It`s my Future.